How to Recognize that You are Caught in a Bubble – And How to Leave Before it Bursts

November 3, 2010


There is a bubble going on these days.  It has the look and feel of the late 90s, with the major difference that instead of public money it is private money that is being invested irrationally.  The problem is, of course, that you might notice this only once the bubble bursts.  And even that […]

Artificial Legal Intelligence

October 15, 2010


“Lawyers and coders are good at the same thing: parsing language. That they haven’t collaborated more is a historical fuckup. Let’s fix it.”  This is a tweet I sent out a little while ago, and in response a bunch of people asked me to elaborate.  Well, if we define Artificial Intelligence as enabling computers to […]

Y Combinator

October 13, 2010


Another interesting NYC start-up world event tonight:  @YCombinator’s Q&A session with @kn0thing and @Harjeet.  The latter is the distinguished right hand to @paulg at Y Combinator, the former is Y Combinator’s “Ambassador to the East” (to underscore his commitment to this very important position, @kn0thing recently traveled to Laos and met some easterners). The best […]

New York Startup Weekend

September 13, 2010


It’s 2am, but since I have a plane to catch at 6am, I might as well think out loud about the newyork startup weekend I just lived through. First of all, who the hell organized this?  Apparently it’s some kind of non-profit based in Seattle.  @shanereiser seemed to be one of the organizers.  Well, whoever […]

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Do Angels Exist? Deconstructing Some Myths:

September 1, 2010


1) Angels’ motivation is to help you Capitalism is a great way to shift money from those without ideas to those who need it to realize their ideas.  Money is worthless if not spent or put to work.  Angels have a lot of cash and they want to put it to work after having run […]


August 7, 2010


Imagine for a second that a device existed that is implanted into people’s heads and that then lets people communicate directly – from brain to brain and without words being spoken or written. One problem with such a device that comes immediately to mind: people might not be able to control what thoughts their connections […]


June 29, 2010


I’ve recently heard a prominent venture capitalist say that what’s missing in NY’s start-up scene are “grand approaches”.  Something revolutionary. I think Hunch is an example of people trying something ambitious.  @cdixon, one of its founders, explains that Hunch is trying to tap connections among people based on their personalities and personal preferences, instead of […]