New York Startup Weekend

Posted on September 13, 2010


It’s 2am, but since I have a plane to catch at 6am, I might as well think out loud about the newyork startup weekend I just lived through.

First of all, who the hell organized this?  Apparently it’s some kind of non-profit based in Seattle.  @shanereiser seemed to be one of the organizers.  Well, whoever it was, @ceonyc talked about it in his newsletter and somehow I ended up there.  It turned out to be a great event.  I tip my head to the organizers.

So here is my personal resume:

1) Met some amazing people.  My co-founders, Steve and Alex, are very cool guys.  I must have done something right in my original pitch, because they joined me afterwards.

2) Team dynamics are interesting, to say the least.  I had not dealt with them in this way before.  I am used to do what people above me tell me and tell people below me what they ought to do.  This was a radical change.  You end up with a bunch of guys/gals who you have never met before and who have no incentive, really, to work with you.  Great learning experience.

3) Revenue.  This was the key word I heard most this weekend.  And yes, I think it is very important.  Very.  But: It is not everything, AND it is very hard to figure out how lucrative something might be.  For example: A candy store has a very solid revenue stream.  Every time somebody buys a freakin candy, the shop owner makes a nickel.  Does that mean a candystore is a great company?  I don’t want to own one, that’s for sure.  But other companies need to be built, because they just absolutely need to exist.  They feel natural.  In those instances revenue is still important, but it is not the most important aspect of their creation.

So great weekend, no doubt.  Thanks to the organizers and congrats to the winners!

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