That Monster Called Diversification

May 28, 2010


Yes, this blog is targeted toward entrepreneurs.  But today I feel like writing about diversification in finance.  It might be every financial analyst’s most favorite word. According to common theory, you can “diversify away” all asset-specific risk and remain with only the systematic (market) risk by including  a broad range of asset-classes in your portfolio.  […]

So Did “Moot” Get a Good Deal?

May 17, 2010


With much fanfare Techcrunch announced that Christopher Poole, known as “Moot” to his buddies, received $625,000 in funding (that is 625 thousand, not, as you would be excused to have misunderstood, 6.25 million).  Techcrunch can’t hold back its excitement: “Poole has revealed the names of the investors in the round, which are impressive to say […]

New York’s Startup Scene

May 14, 2010


I’ve recently had a chance to dive a little into New York’s thriving start-up scene.  I am a big supporter of this community.  As others have pointed out, this country needs less finance types (admittedly I am one of them) and more entrepreneurs who will actually produce something.  Economists call it the “real economy” and […]